Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP モデル from Epiphone belonging to the Les Paul Standard model.

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killerkgprime 05/07/2011

Epiphone Les Paul Standard : killerkgprime のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Epi standard is made in Korea. The 2 vol and 2 tone controls allow for easy tone variation at your fingertips.

Mahogany body with a thick maple cap
thick mahogany neck
rosewood board with 22 meduim jumbo frets
stoptail/tune-o-matic bridge


I'm more of a strat guy, so LP's have never had the best upper fret acess for me. The coupling of a beefy neck defineily hinders speed on an LP neck, but that doesn't mean it can't be done, just look at John Sykes!

The lack of comfort cuts might bother players more comfortable with strats, but that's also part of an LP's charm, that large mass of wood.

Although I've played many LP's that didn't sound or play that great, one thing that you can be sure of is that an LP will sound big, and have a low mid emphasis, just because of the wood mass and body/neck construction.

My Epi is about 9 lbs. Pretty hefty!


I go for a Marshally, Modded Plexi type tone with most of my guitars, but I find that my Epi performs better under lower gain settings, where the fat LP tone can take over.

The pickups are OK. Nothing spectacular about them, but at the same time, they aren't horrible. The bridge delivers on 70s hard rock ala Thin lizzy, but it get's muddy under high gain applications. The neck is a bit better for that, but it still tends to have too much lows. Cleans are quite warm, if a bit characterless, and safe.


An Epi LP is a good introduction to Les Pauls, if you're on a budget. With a good setup, and new pickups, you can definetly find keepers, unfortuantely mine was not one of them. One of the best LP's I've ever played was a Zakk Wyled sig, though, so it can be done at a lower price point.