Agile AL-3200
Agile AL-3200

AL-3200, LP モデル from Agile.

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tjon901 01/13/2012

Agile AL-3200 : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"High end Agile with MOP inlays"

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Agile is a guitar company out of Korea. They make really nice guitars that sell for really low prices. Their main vendor is Rondomusic out of the United States. Rondomusic commissions all sorts of Agiles to be made. These guitars are really popular with people who know good value in the guitar world. These guitars are cheaper than most Epiphones but have quality almost rivaling Gibson. This is a model lots of people have been wanting for a while. This is the Agile 3200. The Agile 3000 is their most popular model and this guitar is that guitar with a few popular changes. The guitar has a mahogany body with a real flamed maple top. There is no veneer on this guy. The set in neck is mahogany and you have your choice between a normal neck profile, a wide neck profile and a slim neck profile the size of an Ibanez Wizard. This example has the normal neck profile. The fretboard is ebony with 22 medium frets. The inlays are the most noticable change on this model since they are mother of pearl. The 3000 has abalone inlays which some people do not like. Up top you get Grover tuners and the electronics are all Agile with two Agile humbuckers and a volume and tone for each pickup along with a 3 way switch.


This guitar has all the real Les Paul feel you would ever want. The body is all solid so there is no chambering or anything like an a true Les Paul. The weight is around 10 pounds. The neck is pretty chunky but not too big. If you want a thinner neck you can get that. The ebony fretboard is great. On this example it was super dark and consistant with no streaks. The factory setup is very nice. The action is nice and low and the posts on the bridge are very low as well which is good. If you have a post sticking up high you tend to get more wobble and intonation problems. Since this is supposed to be an authentic LP copy the tuners are not locking and the bridge is not locking as well.


The Agile pickups are surprisingly decent. I have heard of some people buying these and putting them in their Epiphones and whatnot. They are good solid humbuckers. They have good bite. They are general pickups so they are not super specialized for one type of music. The bridge pickup has a good classic rock crunch. The output is pretty hot but not over the top. It can do a bit of metal but it may not have enough clarity and bite for serious metal playing. The neck pickup is pretty good and is very usable. It has the smooth neck pickup tone you want without being overly muddy.


I cant say enough about these Agile guitars. The prices on them have gone up a bit but they are still great value for money. This is better than any Epiphone you can buy right now. You arent going to be finding any Epiphones with ebony fretboards and flamed maple tops no matter how hard you look and this guitar has all that for around 300 dollars. Guitars like these show the big companies what really can be done. They show the consumer how much the big companies are ripping you off nowadays. Im sure a lot of them would say its impossible to build a guitar with these features for this price but this guitar is proof of the impossible.