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Vick Yuan 04/10/2010

Beta Three R4/R8 : Vick Yuan のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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R4/R8 is specially designed for luxury cinema, large-sized meeting room, multi-functional hall, church and auditorium applications. The system consists of 1 active subwoofer and 4 full range speakers which can form multi-cluster configurations.

R8/R4 is designed by applying the line array concept. It features compact dimensions and an easy to handle design. The built-in 600W amplifier and DSP make it available for use at any moment when connected to sound resource. System control over each cluster at frequency response, crossover point & slope, delay, gain and limit protection can be achieved by connecting the speaker system to PC via USB or RS232 port. Adoption of ribbon tweeters offers a wide-range frequency response to up to 40KHz. The tweeter's impedance and phase response curves are nearly ideal horizontal lines. The light moving mass of milligrams ensures excellent impulse response. Utilization of the unique thin foam surround and specially coated cone paper has reduced the distortion rate effectively. The active subwoofer applies Low Distortion, Linear Amplification, and DSP technologies. Input signals are amplified by the built-in pre-amplifier, then processed and distributed by DSP, finally output via power amplifier to the subwoofer and the full-range speakers, which forms an integrated system.

The flying hardware is designed to fit different application situation flexibly with the splay angel adjustable by 1° increment vertically.