Acer AL1715 MS
Acer AL1715 MS

AL1715 MS, LCD ディスプレイ from Acer.

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moosers 07/23/2009

Acer AL1715 MS : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Acer AL1715 MS is an LCD computer monitor that I have used for monitoring Pro Tools sessions.  I believe the size of the monitors is 17' and I also think that it comes in a few different sizes.  In terms of characteristics, the make up is pretty simple as far as computer monitors go as it has basic controls on the panel.  While the size of this particular model isn't all that huge, it is definitely enough for monitoring Pro Tools sessions in my home studio and I actually have it running up in tandem with another monitor so I can have the editing and mixing windows on separate monitors.  The picture comes in quite clear and would definitely be suitable beyond using it for what I use it for and is also perfect for watching movies on as the picture is great.  Everything can be seen clearly and since it is an LCD monitor is has that special look to it that you could not achieve with lesser types of monitors.  Beyond that the picture is great there isn't too much more to say about the monitor as it does its job well and I never have any problems with it.  As long as you don't drop it and you treat it properly, I don't see why the Acer AL1715 MS couldn't last a really long time.  The price of the Acer AL1715 MS is definitely above average in terms of computer monitors and for this reason I would say that this is a very good deal.  However, please keep in mind that it seems that computer monitors just keep getting better and cheaper and within a short amount of time the Acer AL1715 MS may no longer be a great deal.  I would encourage those interested in the Acer AL1715 MS to shop around as you never know if there is a better deal out there as this is a constantly changing market.