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silverthorn 01/12/2009

The T.bone SCT2000 : silverthorn のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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See other comments for technical details.


I've had this microphone for a week, it does take an hour of pre-warming before you can use it - user's guide says 10 minutes min, but trust me this mic needs a full hour to reach its potential (obvious difference in sound).

The sound quality is mond-blowing for that kind of money, in fact I would expect this quality from a mic at least twice that price.

I must say I'm only used to condenser and dynamic mic, no tube mic used before, but the warmth of this mic is great for what I want to do. Can record guitars + vocals in one take without a pc, the result with a simple Mackie Satellite coupled with a Boss recorder is fantastic, guess what, I won't need to mix any of the acoustic takes, sound is spot on what I wanted!

Now the black spot: Thomann's service. It took ages for my order to be processed and although during Xmas time, 2 weeks processing is way too long as far as I'm concerned (especially since I did not get any update until it was actually posted).

Also you would expect a mic that fragile to be carefully wrapped, well I was seriously horrified by the lack of care taken in that respect (so much that I was expecting the mic to be dead on arrival).

Long story short: this is an amazing microphone, get it. But if you can avoid ordering other items from Thomann, pass your way and turn to Dolphin Music or Digital Village, used both last year and service was impeccable and items very good value.

I'll put a 9 here because that's the mic I'm rating, not Thomann (but you'll have to order it from them, no other way to get it as T-Bone is a Thomann brand - just ask for extra bubble wrap, trust me...)