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LG2REEL 06/23/2011

Sterling Audio ST69 : LG2REEL のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"I'd give it a C Plus"

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The ST69 is large diaphragm tube condenser mic. Very versatile having three polar positions. The main target customer for the mic would probably be the project studio/home studio user. Really ideal for acoustic instruments, vocals, etc.


The ST69 when matched with a clean preamp really is a remarkable microphone for money. It gives a very clean tonality with round tube "warmth" For a 600 dollar mic it's good, depending on your needs their might be other mics out there that suite your interest. I bought mine for 208 plus tax, thought for that it was pretty good. What I don't really like about the mic, well like practically all chinese made mics, the ST69 ssseeems to have ssssibilance isssssues. It's not as bad as others I've heard, but definitely not professional for male/female vox. Which kinda sucks, because for a male vocal I enjoy the close mics proximately effect, but I think it's really better at performing for room mics, acoustic instruments, vocals at a 12-18in distance. The other dislike about it, is if your the type to buy cheaper mics, than use them and later get them modified, this mic is really not a good choice for modding due to the complicated circuitry. It's even a pain in the ass to swap the tube. But although I have dislikes about it, it reminds me of higher end mics for a fraction of the cost. I've used lots of mics, from high end to dirt cheap, and I feel the ST69 is good if you can haggle, go to guitar center and haggle, believe me you'll get it for cheaper, and you'll get your money's worth.