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ericthegreat 09/22/2011

Sony c-37 : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is a tube based condenser that sony has put out a few years ago but its still used in today‘s fast paced music work. . I was surprised initially to see this microphone in the studio where I work, as I didn't really know Sony had any kind of reputation for making microphones. However, I soon discovered that it is in fact a fine piece of equipment.
I wouldn't take this microphone out of the studio at all. If you can even find one nowadays, it's going to be really fragile, and definitely really expensive to fix. Depending on the injury it might even be impossible to fix. It also doesn't really have much use out in "the field" if you will, as it's warmth and response render it better for relatively close-mic'd situations. It comes with it's own power supply, as most tube mics do. The power supply has a bass roll-off option on it.


Overall, I really enjoyed using it on a guitar amp, as it provided a round, fat tone that didn't lose any clarity or feel too bright (even though I was using my Strat, which is the brightest sounding guitar I've ever heard). This worked better for cleaner guitars, not heavily distorted ones. I have likewise enjoyed it's use on acoustic guitars when I need a similarly warm response. If you can find a C 37 used it will cost you a pretty penny, but is probably a good price if you are considering buying this as your go to all around, all purpose microphone. This being said, it is probably out of the price range for the home studio owner, and is generally suited for professionals. This is a highly sought after mic with a great reputation and the sound quality to back it up. Sony has been making high quality products forever, and the C-37 is one of their best microphones.