The T.bone SC450
The T.bone SC450

SC450, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from The T.bone.

public price: ¥98 VAT incl.
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AlanForPresident 07/31/2012

The T.bone SC450 : AlanForPresident のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Can be used for live or studio, I prefer studio."

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The T Bone SC 450 is a large diaphragm studio microphone that should not be used in a live setting.
It does however require phantom power, and the price is very reasonable and respectable. The overall, specs of the T bone SC 450 didn’t particularly strike me as the studio microphone that I need to have. But after purchasing two of these over the years, I can say it is one of the best microphones that are under 150 US Dollars that I have used. The time that was used with the T Bone SC 450 was over the period of about 4 months.


The T Bone SC 450 has great quality for a microphone that is less than 150 dollars, it excels great in a studio setting with acoustics and proper set up. I have tried 2 other T Bone models, and this is the better one for the money. You will get a shock mount and a case when you purchase the T bone SC 450, which is a good thing because the shock mount is much needed. The frequency response is o.1m - 10dB (20-18000 Hz). The T Bone SC 450 is a great vocal microphone for someone with an even Tone, not to deep of a pitch nor too high. One thing about this microphone that also makes it better than the previous version of the T Bone is that this is a flexible microphone and can be used on instruments as well. But in my opinion it wont sound as good using it as an instrument microphone. They actually also say it’s a live microphone but I have to disagree with T Bone on that, this microphone did not sound well when we tested it in a live setting. Maybe it all depends on what type of a sound the user is looking for. We will keep the T Bone SC 450 in the studio, with acoustic treatments.