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joshsound 10/17/2008

RODE NT2A : joshsound のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The NT-2A from Rode is without a really nice mic. Rode is known for making really high quality gear at a price that most people can actually afford without maxing out their credit cards, and this is a definite case in point. I like to think of this mic as an upgraded NT1A, because it shares similar sonic characteristics except that it is improved just a little bit on most levels. This mic still has a great SPL tolerance, except that on this mic you get a switchable pad that will give you either 5 or 10 dB of attenuation. I have personally never needed it, but it's there if you record really loud things. You do get a bass roll off filter on this mic, which is nice for dealing with any rumble if you're in a less than ideal acoustic environment. It has two settings with roll-offs starting at 40Hz and another one at 80Hz. This mic is actually also a switchable polar pattern mic. By default you'll have your average cardioid pattern for a large diaphragm condenser, but you can switch this to pick up in a figure 8 mode, and also an omni mode. That adds to the value of this mic a lot due to making it extremely versatile.


This mic, to put it succinctly, sounds way better than it costs. I would defy anyone to listen to this mic blindly and not over-estimate the price tag on it by $500. Rode's NT line is a great value, and the NT-2A is perhaps the best value of the line, though it may not be the best sounding. Overall this is a really good sounding mic, and you'll get very smooth, pleasing tones through it. The bass response on this model, for some reason, tends to be a little bit light, but for most sources that you'd record with this type of mic that is not really a big issue. I recommend it and it's a great value.