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mitchgeist 11/14/2012

CAD e200² : mitchgeist のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"CAD E 200 is a quality microphone"

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The Equitek E200 from Conneaut Audio Devices is a multi-pattern side address microphone designed for recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement. The implementation of high speed, low noise, low-distortion electronics makes the E200 the ideal candidate for the most critical applications.


Great Bang for the buck! Generally regarded as an accurate mic, with less coloration. Very Cool: Has 3 patterns: Cardioid, Omni and Figure 8. Handles the Hi SPL that drums requires, yet can handle vocalists--solo or duets and can do guitars and sound fx. I love the flexibility. Looks great for impressing clients. I find it great for my voice (makes it smooth and "silky-bassy", like late night talk radio). Depending on the source, you can switch in a -10 pad in cardioid mode which makes it VERY quiet. In Omni mode, with the pad off, it picks up everything in the room (and the next room if you leave the door open) It's big and has weight, so don't stick it on a real light boom extended out too far. In sum, a jack of all trades, perfect for a serious home studio, IMO.