Blue Microphones Spark

Spark, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Blue Microphones in the Essential series.

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meecow1490 06/21/2011

Blue Microphones Spark : meecow1490 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great Mic For Everyone"

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The Blue Spark is a relatively new microphone from Blue. This small but powerful cardioid, solid-state condenser mic should be the first choice for anyone looking for a mid to low cost mic for recording. Built into this mic are Class-A discrete electronics resulting in superbly detailed and uncolored output, making it the ideal microphone for recording vocals, drums, guitars, pianos, brass, woodwinds, and just about anything else you can light a fire under. Unlike most of the cheaper condenser microphones, the Blue Spark features unique button on the back called Focus Control, providing two different usage modes at the push of a button: the Normal mode (out position) providing increased low frequency sensitivity for recordings with great impact and definition, along with the Focus mode, (in position) for even greater clarity and detail. In addition, this mic features:

- Blue's legendary condenser capsule design
- Includes custom designed Shockmount and pop filter
- Professional wooden carrying case
- Detailed manual with proven recording tips


What i like most about this mic is how much it weighs. When you first look at it, it looks very light and very small. But when you pick it up, it feels 5 times heaver than you first thought. What does that mean? It means that Blue packed a lot of stuff into this mic. I also love how great the mic looks in my studio. The orange and silver both look like they glow, and man is it a sexy look. For the price, this is a great buy. $200 is very cheap for a mic with this kind of sound, and you can probably find it cheaper. In addition, it comes in a beautiful wooden box to keep it safe. This was my first mic in my studio, and it is making me professional sounding recordings. I ended up buying two!