Blue Microphones Spark

Spark, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Blue Microphones in the Essential series.

US public price: $199 VAT
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Wedges2 04/26/2011

Blue Microphones Spark : Wedges2 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Blue Spark is a great condensor mic that I use for strictly home recording. As you can see from the picture above that it looks pretty sharp too.. It's got a great build and an even better sound.


For the price this microphone is awesome! For one, it's orange - you can't beat that. On a seriouse note, the sound is definatly within the range of Blue's top of the line mic's.

I bought the mic because I read good reviews, listened to some audio demos, and knew that Blue was an excellent microphone company. I figured if their Baby Bottle and high end mic's were great than they have to make a good mic within my price point too...and they did.

Besides the fact that this mic looks really cool, comes with a shock mount, and a popper stopper it's a great mic. It's a sturdy build and if you buy it at Guitar Center it comes with a 2 year warranty so you know it will last you a while as well.

To get to the sound though, there is no doubt that you can create professional sounding mixes with the right talent using this mic.. To be specific, this mic is a little bright. Nothing that isn't good but it's not as warm as the Sterling ST51...overall though it sounds better than that microphone. I'm running a crappy M - Audio FastTrack USB interface with it an dit still sounds good. I'm actually thinking that a new interface would be a good purchase because my mic is being bottle necked by my interface.

One really cool feature about the Blue Spark is the "Focus" button located directly on the mic. It is a high pass but I believe it is also a high shelf. It just makes it more brighter basically. I've yet to use it extensively because I've been liking the results of the mic without this feature turned on.

Overall for the price of $200 I wouldn't hesitate to get this mic again and I'd definatly recommend it. It's no surprised because of the brand but the value is still impressive.