Taylor 812 C
Taylor 812 C

812 C, ジャンボ from Taylor.

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moosers 06/20/2009

Taylor 812 C : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The Taylor 812 C is a steel string guitar that is made in the USA and has 20 frets.  The neck is made out of mahogany and since it isn't an acoustic/electric is doesn't have any pick ups or setting controls. 


Playing the Taylor 812 C is a real pleasure as the neck feels great on the fingers and the guitar is overall really easy to play no matter if you are using it for rhythm or lead guitar.  The guitar has a jumbo body, but isn't all that heavy and is about average weight for an acoustic guitar of this type.  Playing all around the neck isn't all that hard, but of course like on all acoustic guitars getting way up high on the neck is a little tough.


I have only used the Taylor 812 C acoustic guitar for recording, but in this situation I'm always happy with the tones I'm able to get with this guitar.  For recording I usually throw up both a large diaphragm condenser like a Neumann U87 on the sound hole of the guitar and a Neumann KM184 on the neck to pick up the high end, and I'd say that this is a pretty effective way to get a great acoustic guitar sound from the Taylor 812 C.  I use the guitar mostly for recording rock and pop songs, but the guitar is versatile enough that it could be used for any type of music.


I've been using the Taylor 812 C acoustic guitar for a few years and while it isn't my go to acoustic guitar, it has a brilliant sound and is overall a real beauty.  I really have no complaints about this guitar and I would encourage those interested to try it out for themselves to see if it will work for you.  The price is set about right for a guitar of this caliber, but is still expensive since it is a top end guitar and is made for serious players.  Overall, the Taylor 812 C is another beautiful guitar made from one of the leaders in making acoustic guitars.