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Mattfig 06/22/2012

Shure E5 : Mattfig のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Very nice earbuds"

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I love the sound these put out....It's full and clean....No distortion or interference...They mold very nicely to your ear and stay put through any performance...Sure, it takes a bit to figure out which pieces to use for your own ears - Once you find the one that works for you, you're golden...

These are not inexpensive ear buds nor should they be...You get what you pay for and these are worth the 5 bills I sunk into them new years back...I've tried the competition and always come back to these...I use it with my PSM system and have never had a problem...

The value is hard to measure with the higher price tag, but they are worth it...Just don't know if a value shopper may think the same...

Downsides are few...However they could use a way to use just one ear and keep it in place...RIght now, it's both ears or nothing...Since they have such an isolating quality, you won't hear much else so be good with your mix...Also, a little trick I use is to mix in a room mic near where I typically stand...It provides a familiar mix quickly and easily....

The manual is fine but not needed...They are ear buds...A monkey could use them.... :)

Would I buy them again? Probably not....But I would be sad if they were broken or lost...

Oh yeah, one last thing....Shure was SUPER COOL to fix/replace a broken piece (I broke it) for free even after my warranty was long gone...That's a rarity and even though I may not buy these particular ones again, I'd stay with Shure....They are cool- and in a tough economy, such service is not common...