Randall RG 100 G3 PLUS
Randall RG 100 G3 PLUS

RG 100 G3 PLUS, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Randall in the RG100 series.

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iamqman 07/12/2011

Randall RG 100 G3 PLUS : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Nice Randall"

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Randall is a company that has taken the modular preamps by storm. They have build a market for preamp swapping that has ignited the guitar players around the the world. Though this amp is not a modular design it still incorporates the sound and tone that makes Randall power amp a thing of the future.

This is one classy combo amplifier. This design has three channels but I would argue it has two. There is a clean channel and a vintage/modern channels which they claim is two channels for distortion. To me it is only more of the same but with just a different twist.


Power Rating: 140W
Speakers: 2x 12" Celestion Seventy 80 drivers
Circuit Design: Tube driven MOSFET power circuit
Channels: Classic Clean with Boost; Vintage/Modern Hi-Gain
Controls: Master Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble Sweep, Voicing
Connectors: Series EFX Loop, Slave Output with Level
Effects: Spring Reverb
Footswitch: RF4G3 Footswitch


The clean on Randall are somewhat unique to my ears. They have a Marshall or British style voicing to them that is not that appealing to me. I have never liked a Randall clean channel. It is better than a Splawn that is for sure. The clean is sort of a harder clean that doesn't sound that glassy to me or even reminiscent of a Fender tube amp.

There distortion channels is what Randall does well. These two channels or one with a twist has enough gain for just about anybody out there. It is a thick and juicy distortion that is great for chugging and lead riffing. Randall makes one of the best distortion in the business and this is one of them.


I don;t think Randall in in production of these amps anymore. I think they have pretty much fizzled out. You can find them on the used market for sure. I would recommend this amp to someone who wants a decent clean channel and an over the top distortion channel for vintage playing styles ad new modern playing. This amp is very versatile and will serve its user quite well.