Epiphone EA-250
Epiphone EA-250

EA-250, ホロウ/セミホロウボディエレクトリックギター from Epiphone in the EA series.

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M Elise 12/08/2008

Epiphone EA-250 : M Elise のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I think these were made in Japan in the early 70s. The picture tells you a lot. It is completely hollow without any block inside. They have a reputation as being cheap guitars but they are proving to be much more desirable with age. I feel that there is a sweet musicality to the wood top of the body that you do not find often or maybe ever nowadays.
The neck bolts onto the body.
The whammy bar arm looks odd but is very easy to get to because of it length.
The pickups are humbuckers.
It stays in tune.


The neck is not the best for super fast playing and bending. I don't know why exactly. The guitar does not have a lot of sustain. The guitar is best for rhythm and some lead but is not what you want if you are all about playing a lot of sustaining lead guitar. But, the guitar has other advantages....


......like great sound! I love this guitar. I only paid $150 dollars for it so that helps. This guitar has an old time flavor and warmth to it that is beautiful. There is something about the tone of the body that that is warm and bright and musical that makes the guitar a joy to play plugged and unplugged. The guitar is clearly best suited for rock-a-billy. In the neck position the low notes are tight, warm and soulful. The guitar has an interesting mix of being bright and warm. The guitar can also sound good with distortion.


This guitar has a lot of character and is one of my favorites. The best thing about it is that it has a bright snappy warm tone that has something to do with the body. Seems like most guitars these days have no wood tone in comparison. I would not buy it as your main guitar unless you're into rock-a-billy or certain punk style derivatives. However if you like having a few guitars this guitar can make a great addition to your collection. I've noticed the price going up on these extra quickly over the last few years. They look beautiful too.