Zildjian K Mastersound HiHat Pair 14
Zildjian K Mastersound HiHat Pair 14"

K Mastersound HiHat Pair 14", ハイハット from Zildjian in the K Zildjian series.

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sanjuro 10/11/2009

Zildjian K Mastersound HiHat Pair 14" : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Zildjian K master sounds are definitely one of the most versatile pairs of hi hats available.  These stand out even when compared to other K's and K customs, which says quite a lot.  I have never played any other sizes, but I used 14 inch master sounds off and on for a few years and I still consider them to be one of the best hi hat pairs possible.

I usually play rock music, and these fit in very well.  There is very good stick definition and surprising volume.  These are a bit thicker than other K's I have used so they really project and cut through any music.  The cymbals have a sort of ripple around the edges which helps to produce an excellent chick sound and maintains a constant feeling when playing with the shoulder of the stick on the closed hat.  They are on the dark side, and are fairly wet for K's.  The bell is brilliant and I played it all the time (which I normally don't do, the cymbal just sounded too good not to explore all of its qualities).  Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, and even Jazz are perfect for these.  Regardless of personal preference I can't imagine anyone not loving the K mastersounds.  In the A line, the A mastersounds are also pretty good but the K's are a huge upgrade.

The value of these cymbals is good, not great only because of the fact that when new they are very expensive.  Good cymbals cost money, and to get the best you gotta pay for it.  K master sounds are well worth the price, and these cymbals really keep paying you back for buying them every time they are played.  The only models that compare to these in price, versatility, and quality are the  Sabian HHX hi hats and maybe the K/Z Zildjian pair.