Paiste 505 Hit-Hat 14"
Paiste 505 Hit-Hat 14"

505 Hit-Hat 14", ハイハット from Paiste in the 505 series.

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sanjuro 10/12/2009

Paiste 505 Hit-Hat 14" : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This was the first set of hi hats I ever bought, and I still occaisionally gig with them today.  The 505's are a really interesting line because people often mistake them for the 2002's.  The 505's are considered lower quality, but have an extremely similar alloy and lathing make up.  505's are often really old, cus there are a lot of used models for sale at killer prices.  I really liked these hi hats when I played them and they felt really great.  The chick is punchy and the stick definition is really chunky.  When opened, the wash is powerful and raw, but not too crazy.  The only gripe I have with the sound is that the splashes don't sound very good.  There is a lot of unnecessary ringing and it is difficult to get the splashes even.  This is surprising considering the cymbal's other attributes.  They are very versatile in a rock or funk context due to the powerful sounds and a middle ground of brigh/dark tones.  It is trashy enough to groove out and really fool around with but clean enough to get in the pocket and chill. 

They don't look too spectacular because they are dark and uniform.  Unless you are using paiste 505's or 2002's, these might clash with the overall look of the drum set.  Of course, cymbals should be purchased on sound not sight.  They are very versatile, and in many years of treating these badly and kicking em around from gig to gig they never sound or look and worse.  These are probably the most durable cymbals I have.  Like I said earlier, they are usually very reasonable priced for what you get.  Whether for a veteran looking for a gigging pair of hats to beat up or a beginner looking to upgrade their stock cymbals, the Paiste 505's are a good all around choice.