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moosers 07/04/2010

Furman HR-2 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Furman HR-2 is a simple headphone box designed to give those monitoring during recording access to their volume levels. This box actually has two channels on it, with ¼” inputs for each of the two channels. It also has an XLR input and output for connecting this to your source. As you can probably tell, this is really the bare bones for a headphone box, but it’s definitely better than having nothing. I don’t think that the HR-2 would be adequate in a full blown professional recording studio, but for smaller professional studios and larger home studios, it’s definitely the perfect little box to give you simple control over your headphone mix. Furman has a variety of products out there for monitoring during recording, the HR-2 being the simplest that I’ve seen. The box won’t change your sound quality as far as I can tell, as what you send to it is what you get. The sound quality will definitely depend mostly on the headphones that you’re using with the HR-2, rather than the box itself. I don’t know if all of the HR-2’s come with this, but the ones that I’ve used had a little clip with it to attach it to a mic stand. This was more than handy as it made it easy to clip right on and have it on a level where it was easily accessible while I was playing or singing. If you don’t have a mic stand clip for it, you kind of have to just place it down. If you aren’t looking to get a full headphone monitoring system, the Furman HR-2’s give you a simple box at a pretty inexpensive rate. Although certainly not a very in depth headphone monitoring system, the Furman HR-2 is great for what it is…