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loudfunk 03/28/2011

Voodoo Lab Wahzoo : loudfunk のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Finally a new wah that sounds like an old one..."

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The Voodoo Lab Wahzoo is one of those products that does a few things and does it exceedingly well. It's a vintage sounding wah pedal on one setting, and auto wah on the next and a programmable step filter on the third setting.
It has 1/4 inch jacks for in and out as well as one for a tap tempo switch. Also it is powered via external supply only.
On top of the pedal you have the auto wah sensitivity switch, step filter selector for 4 presets. And the on/off stomp switch.


The wah and auto wah mode are obvious enough. For the Step filter the manual explains how to program and store your own presets in easy steps.


In wah mode it sounds very much like the real McCoy (pun intended). Unlike other current productions I tried that claim to faithfully recreated a Clyde wah this one actually does sound like one with all the vocal qualities associated with it.
For 70s Funk stuff the auto-wah is what the doctor ordered, it bubbles, it percolates and best of all depending on the setting of the pedal you can reverse the starting point, i.e. have the signal's filter envelope go up or down

For the ultimate in fun use the Step filter. Here you can program up to 30 steps of a sequential on/off type of sequencer sound. Those then can be stored in one of 4 presets.The pedal will be your tempo control, for more exact tempo needs you can attach a tap tempo switch to the pedal which for me was a must have.


Even when I use a rack set-up with nothing in the front of the stage than a midi switcher and continuos controllers, this is the only pedal that I will put down because I have not heard anything that does what the Wahzoo does as convincing.
The only down side it can think of s that it doesn't run on batteries, but since most folks likely will put it on thei pedal board and running it from their power supply brik that is a very small niggle.