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tjon901 10/29/2011

T-Rex Engineering Gull : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Versatile Wah"

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T-Rex is a small pedal maker out of Denmark. It was started by two brothers who were out to make the best guitar equipment on the planet. They started off by making MIDI equipment for guitars then expanded into effects and stomp boxes. The Gull Wah pedal is one of their newer models and they say its the Wah the world has been waiting for. The pedal itself looks like an old classic car with its bronze exterior with red traction pad. The pedal itself has all your typical inputs and outputs with a couple of knobs for tone shaping. It has a slope knob and a boost knob with a 3 way toggle in the middle. The toggle controls the voicing. It has 2 Wah voicings and a "Yoy Yoy" voicing. One cool feature is the wah effect is controlled by a magnet so you do not have a pot that will wear out.


The pedal feels very solid and heavy. It has an easily accessable 9v battery slot so you dont have to take the entire back plate off like on old wahs. The knobs are clearly marked and heavy duty. I dont like the input and output being on the top of the pedal. I am use to them being on the side like on classic wah pedals. The DC connection being on top is no problem for me. The pedal is a bit noisy when you click it on but thats not really a problem. One problem is that the sweep isnt very big. It doesnt really kick in till like half way down.


This wah is very versatile with the knobs and the 3 different modes. You can get sounds throughout the history of wah usage. The first Wah voicing is your classic wah sound. The boost and slope knobs seem to increase the thickness of the effect overall. If you have them both at 0 you get a thin nasally wah sound that sticks out a lot. This with the Wah 1 voicing gives you a nice funky sound. Increasing the slope and boost increase the thickness of the vintage wah sound setting. Setting 2 has a more dirty sound. The extra dirt on the sound gives you a lot of bite. It can sometimes sound like you have a phaser on. The "Yoy Yoy" preset reminds me of 80s over the top wah sounds. Kinda like Kirk Hammett on his worst days. The sound on this preset is crazy. With some gain this preset sounds a lot like Zakk Wylde when he is rocking out with the Wah. It is a cool sound if you can make it work.


If you are looking for a unique wah that has lots of versatility this is it. One thing you must consider is if you are looking for so many different wah sounds you may just want to you a rack wah. With one of these units you cant save presets or anything. You may like your knobs a certain way for one voicing and a different way for another. You cant do that with a pedal like this. If you dont mind the shortcomings this is a great unique wah with crazy tone.