Real McCoy Custom Wizard Wah
Real McCoy Custom Wizard Wah

Wizard Wah, ワウ/オートワウ/フィルター from Real McCoy Custom.

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James... 10/14/2011

Real McCoy Custom Wizard Wah : James... のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Best vintage wah out there"

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It's a wah. It's analog. That's it. No bells or whistles.


Once don't need a manual or any know how. If you have a foot you can work this thing. Easy enough?


I have tried a lot of wahs. I have 2 favorites. That would be the RMC Wizard and the Fulltone deluxe wah. Both are pretty expensive and both are pretty amazing. But I have to say they are very different. Obviously the Fulltone has more options and knobs, but at the end of the day, that doesn't mean much. Just a bit more versatile. The Wizard is a much more traditional wah in sound and design. It has that vintage jimi dunlop thing going on very heavily. If you want that old fashioned 70's wah this is probably the best pedal to get. Period. The Fulltone has a much more refined sound. Also, the Fulltone has a bit more range I think. It's a more aggressive sweep than the Wizard. I've heard there's a pot inside the Wizard you can adjust to give it a more drastic travel but I haven't felt the need to try it.

I'll give you an idea of what the Wizard is for. In my prog rock and classic rock projects, I use it almost exclusively. For modern stuff and heavier rock I use the fulltone. I think the Wizard is a lot more organic sounding too. It has a life to it that really wakes up a guitar. The Wizard doesn't affect the tone as heavily either. Some guys I know will appreciate this.


This is a really bare bones wah for the traditionalist player. No tricks or frills. If I could only own a single wah I would probably have the fulltone instead but that's only because it's more changeable as far as sounds go. For the guys wanting that time machine wah, nothing beats the RMC. The quality is nothing to laugh at either. You pay for it and you get it. I haven't tried many other RMC wahs but from what I've heard they are all very good. My advice is try as many as you can. If you're in this price range you should do that anyway.