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heads on fire 09/09/2011

Gig-fx KILO-WAH : heads on fire のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great wah, packed with useable features"

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Optical switching

4 modes - Classic and Mega (traditional style manual rocker wah - Mega is just deeper than Classic), Trig (a velocity-dependent envelope filter type), and Auto (rate dependent upon a knob setting, akin to a phaser pedal, only as a wah sound)

1/4" in, 1/4" out

Bright Blue LED

Classy white metal housing

I-shaped Rocker pedal


This wah is really easy to get a good sound out of. The configuration is very straightforward, and the manual is clear and concise. Bone-dead easy to work.

The optical rocker on is FANTASTIC! I loathe traditional wah pedals in which I have to stomp on a switch, as they are dependent upon having just the right pressure on them, but just the right amount of rubber stopper depth, and just require too much worry and maintenance for my taste. This pedal fixes that right away.


The different modes don't really change the tone as much as how the wah feels and behaves, which is a handy feature. I can get traditional Hendrix type wah, or big 70s Shaft wah, or Funkadelic envelope filter wah, or about anything in between.

The strangest mode is the Auto setting - it sounds great, but wahs that behave like phaser pedals aren't too common, so this is for more experimental types. My lone wish for this mode is that the Wah rocker would control the rate, rather than having to bend down and dial it in with a knob. The rocker pedal controls the on/off only when engaged in Auto or Trig modes.


This pedal is great. It's the signature pedal of Nashville legendary super-picker Johnny Hiland, and it has got the goods to perform like it should. I honestly can't imagine getting a better wah pedal. I realize this is a glowing review, but that's because I honestly adore this pedal. Perfect 10.