Electro-Harmonix Tube Zipper
Electro-Harmonix Tube Zipper

Tube Zipper, ワウ/オートワウ/フィルター from Electro-Harmonix.

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mooseherman 02/02/2011

Electro-Harmonix Tube Zipper : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Fat-sounding Envelope filter"

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This is an envelope filter made by Electro-Harmonix, which is one of my favorite pedal manufacturers. It basically works like an auto-wah or other envelope filter but it has the addition of real tube distortion, which gives it a bit of an edge, and helps make the effect sound fuller and more pronounced while also retaining some of the punch of the original effect.
It has two 1/4" connections and a 9V adapter input (it also can use a 9V battery).


This actually has quite a bit of parameters that can be adjusted. The resonance knob controls the size of the filtering effect. The frequency knob adjusts the range of the frequency that the pedal will effect. The Sensitivity knob controls the amount of the effect.
Underneath these are the master volume, drive, and input gain controls, all of which affect overall volume as well as the amount of extra distortion thrown in. This will give you a far bigger amount of tonal options and also help dial in the right tone.
There is also a switch for the envelope that has "up" and "down" settings, which will give you a higher or lower response, as well as two different modes "trill" and "tron" which will make the pedal behave differently.


I really like the sound of this pedal. It's got a really cool, quirky, funky vibe to it. In fact, it really does give you a classic George Clinton/Parliament-esque vibe that is really cool. It can go everywhere from a light coloring of the tone to a full on squiggly, funky assault. You can make it sound like it's not even a guitar! There's also the possibility of running it straight as a distortion pedal, which is cool but ultimately not its strongest suit. There's a whole lot of tonal variety. I think the tube really fattens up the sound nicely, which makes it a lot more useful and relevant to the guitar than ordinary envelope filters tend to do.


I like this pedal a lot. It's a little on the pricey side, but it's honestly better than a lot of the automatic envelope filters out there. While I do prefer to use a pedal that has a rocker (like a wah), this one has such good tone that that is easily overlooked. Definitely not for everybody, but really cool for those who do like it, this is a really great pedal and a stellar addition to the EHX lineup.