Sonic Research ST-200 Stomp Box Strobe Tuner
Sonic Research ST-200 Stomp Box Strobe Tuner

ST-200 Stomp Box Strobe Tuner, チューナー/ピッチパイプ/音叉 from Sonic Research.

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Stormleader 07/26/2011

Sonic Research ST-200 Stomp Box Strobe Tuner : Stormleader のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"By FAR the best tuner out there!"

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The Sonic Research ST-200 Turbo Tuner just BLOWS every other tuner clear out of the water. It's True-bypass, so you don't have to worry about tone loss, all-metal housing which is VERY sturdy, made in the good'ol USA, and oh yeah, is accurate to a FIFTIETH of a percent. Yes, that is .02 of a percent. Crazy accurate! Not to mention it registers the note pretty much instantly, which allows me to tune up very quickly, and because I know that my tuning is right on, I don't have to worry that I might be just a hair out of tune, etc. For complete specs and information I suggest you check out the Turbo Tuner website at:

The display is clear, bright, and easy to read. I've yet to have a problem reading it on stage, so props to Sonic Research on that. Reading a strobe tuner can be different at first, but it very quickly becomes very natural.

The only down side to the Turbo Tuner? Whenever I have to use a different tuner (Such as helping tune a guitar class, etc), I get impatient with it because it doesn't register the note as fast as the TT. Obviously not the Turbo Tuner's fault, it just goes to show how faster it allows you to tune.

Overall, I can't brag on this tuner enough. While it may be a little more expensive that a lot of pedal tuners, it is WELL worth the extra money. The only tuner that comes close to this one in terms of accuracy is the Peterson Strobo-Stomp, but even though it costs more, it isn't as accurate and is made in China. I can't ever see myself replacing this tuner with something else, because there just isn't anything better out there yet. Only thing I want added? Polyphonic tuning would be killer, but unless it keeps the accuracy of what it can normally do it really wouldn't be useful. Maybe in another couple of years? Either way, I highly suggest you take a serious look at the ST-200 Turbo Tuner.