Voodoo Lab Micro vibe
Voodoo Lab Micro vibe

Micro vibe, トレモロ/ビブラート from Voodoo Lab.

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aidan.04 04/29/2008

Voodoo Lab Micro vibe : aidan.04 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Micro Vibe is Voodoo Lab recreation of the original Dunlop Univibe from the 60's and 70's that replicated the effect of a rotating speaker cabinet. It was most famously used by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and others as as well. Voodoo Lab has created a fine product here, by offering a pedal that is 100 percent analog and even hand-wired, with true bypass. Pedals like this should make pedal-loving players drool.

The Micro Vibe accepts 9V batteries, and is packaged in a rugged metal casing that embodies simplicity.


It doesn't get simpler than this, The Micro Vibe has two knobs, for "intensity" and "speed". To state the obvious, the "intensity" knob controls the depth or degree of roatary speaker effect, and the "speed" controls the relative speed of the rotating speaker. No manual needed. Plug and play.


If you like psychadelia, or even just classic rock you can appreciate what a rotary effect can do to space out your sound. Well, the Micro Vibe definitely delivers. It can offer you a subtle chorusy tremolo sound, all the way to a deep swirling pulse that is lush, earthy, and organic sounding. Unlike a lot of the hand-wired pedals from the 70's, this one is a bit more predictable; you CAN'T get a bad sound out of this box. It does what its supposed to, and not much else. Playing with the speed dial will give you some eerie sounds, but nothing too crazy. Its just a good all-around tremolo pedal that is quite good at recreating the Univibe sound, which is something even the Univibe reissues don't really do. Voodoo Lab knows what they are doing.
This pedal interacted nicely with my small tube combo and my other floor effects, like placing distortion in front brings out a bit more of the modulation/phaser sound. Add in a delay and it gets spacier, a flanger and it gets downright scary-wierd quick.


Pitting this pedal against the Fulltone Mini Deka Vibe, or other even more expensive tremolos- its hard to pick a winner on sound alone. But the Micro Vibe is seriously awesome contruction, and it is dirt cheap compared to the others being only 150 or so. So its a pretty easy choice to make for me. I love this thing. Its one of the pedal purchases that I feel the best about in a long time.