Fulltone Mini DejáVibe MDV-1
Fulltone Mini DejáVibe MDV-1

Mini DejáVibe MDV-1, トレモロ/ビブラート from Fulltone.

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moosers 02/21/2010

Fulltone Mini DejáVibe MDV-1 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe is a compact version of the original Deja Vibe modulation pedal. This is made up of all analog components, and has standard 1/4" connections for input and output. It isn't rack mountable in any way as it is a stomp box.


Using the Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe is a very simple task, as it doesn't have too complicated of a configuration. It has knobs for volume and intensity, and a switch to choose between modern or vintage, as well as one for choosing between vibrato and chorus. Lastly, it has a large knob for controlling the speed. Unless you are completely unsure of what these parameters will do, a manual isn't necessary.


I don't have as much experience with the original Deja Vibe as I do with the Mini Deja Vibe, but from the experience that I do have, this seems to be a pretty good copy in terms of the sounds that you're able to get. I've used the pedal in the studio in tandem with a Fender Stratocaster and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb. The sounds that are possible with the pedal range from traditional chorus sounds to more out there modulation type effects, kind of a chorus/phasing combination. It is certainly a unique sounding pedal. All of the sounds possible with the Mini Deja Vibe are of a very high sound quality, as they come in crystal clear without any added noise.


The advantage of getting the Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe over the original Deja Vibe or the Deja Vibe II is that you're simply getting a more compact pedal. It has the same type of sounds and is of a similar price (depending on which ones you're comparing it to), but I'd still encourage those interested in this pedal to check out the other ones to see what will work best for you. Having said this, the Mini Deja Vibe is a great pedal regardless and is definitely worth a look for fans of some great modulation effects.