Jeri Designs Neil Young Guitar Strap
Jeri Designs Neil Young Guitar Strap

Neil Young Guitar Strap, ギターストラップ/アタッチメント from Jeri Designs.

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mooseherman 12/01/2010

Jeri Designs Neil Young Guitar Strap : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Expensive, but comfortable, and cool guitar strap"

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This boutique guitar strap is made by Jeri Designs, a company that specializes in guitar straps exclusively. This is their forte, and while their straps are usually pricey they tend to put most others to shame. This is a really cool guitar strap. First of all, I'm a huge Neil Young fan. This is a Neil Young tribute guitar strap, featuring a "Peace Sign and Doves" design that true Neil fans will know very well. I would have to say that that alone makes it a really good item. Not to mention the fact that it's extremely comfortable. It's made from aged leather, and hand-built in the factories at Jeri Designs, custom made to each order. It's black, which will make it go well with just about any guitar, black works with everything really. I like the Hawks and Doves pattern on it because it's not a really obvious Neil Young reference, but everybody who knows Neil and his pacifist tendencies and beliefs will know. Even if they don't, peace is always a good thing to promote, and what better way to do it than with a guitar strap?
These are really expensive, but I'd say that they're totally worth it if you are going to be playing guitar all the time. If you play every night, or every day, you don't want a strap that's going to irritate your shoulders. These are also limited edition and are based off of the guitar strap that Neil himself wears, so you can imitate the Godfather of Grunge himself.
This will probably have to be ordered directly from their website,, but it's worth it. You can even return it if you don't like it! That's pretty much a guarantee of its quality right there. I'd say only invest it if a strap is a serious priority for you. If you're playing a heavy guitar, it's going to be more of a priority than if you play a lighter guitar like a Strat or something. Neil Young uses a Les Paul himself, those are pretty heavy guitars in general, so Les Paul owners would probably do well by this.