Eminence Cannabis Rex
Eminence Cannabis Rex

Cannabis Rex, ギター用スピーカー from Eminence in the Patriot series.

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Rockmonster 03/24/2008

Eminence Cannabis Rex : Rockmonster のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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In search of..... a Great speaker... providing superb balance, smooth response, and most importantly.... those elusive, non-screechy trebles.
Enter the Cannabis Rex from Eminence.Yayyyy! 8 ohms.. but offered in 16 as well.

Using a pair of these in 1-12", closed back,ported birch cabinets with a Voodoo Labs Preamp...Carvin T100 poweramp (SED Winged "C" tubes), Digitech GSP2101 for effects only. Les Pauls, Strat's,Tele's, Yamaha's,Ibanez..I throw a Keeley TS9 and a BBE Boosta Grande in front of the Strat. Sometimes in front of the humbucker equipped guitars when I really want loads of gain. These really do sound great with everything.

After years of the limitations using Celestion's products, I have found a speaker with an e.q. curve that eliminates piercing highs... while maintaining clarity and detail. Yum. I'm impressed. I had basically resigned myself to being stuck with icepick highs, scooped mids and flubby bass. Some of the speakers in my former arsenal were V30's,G12-T75's,G12M70's, even Greenbacks. I found something in the treble registers of all these speakers that could not be dialed out to my liking. Screechy highs. Even changing saddles to string savers in my Strat and Les Paul...changing my stop tailpiece to aluminum.. STILL had too many highs. Something indefinable. Not really measurable on an e.q. curve...but an unpleasant artifact I could not get rid of. The Cannabis Rex is different. Soft midrange.. nice smooth bass response and sweet treble response. Tones you hear on classic rock albums available here. And I'm talking Van Halen 1. With a STRAT.
I find this speaker to be adequate in ALL applications, although Eminence lists it as a "Country, Rock, Jazz and Classical" speaker. Even though that description covers a lot of ground, Funk,Metal,Blues and Fusion should not be left out of this mix. It can do it all.

Using it for about 6 months now. So..the honeymoon is still sorta on..but I feel objective about it. Given that I am a musician...and am always searching for my "ultimate" tone....I give a solid "9"...and really...These will NOT produce the brutality or scooped tone of a Vintage 30 on their own...BUT using your e.q. controls..you can easily dial in an even more versatile scooped tone. Still scooped..but with more presence and girth. The basic sound is so much more versatile..you are not limited to an e.q. characteristic that you cannot get away from. With any Celestion product..I have always fought with the tone. Now I just tweak my sound according to the room..and find those sweet highs that save my teeth from grinding.
A tremendous value at the price. $70.00 as opposed to Celestion V30's or Greenbacks at $110.00.. with twice the versatility (in my opinion).
Of course.. I will keep searching... (yes, it IS a curse ) But these are the best I have heard so far!