TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

Hall of Fame Reverb, ギター用リバーブ from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

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James... 10/14/2011

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb : James... のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"10 for the idea, 7 for the execution"

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Stereo in and out. Numerous reverb types. Tone Print function. Level, decay, tone, and type control. True bypass. Your know the drill. TC came out with these pedals a short time ago. The idea was rack effect quality in pedal form. This is an idea that's been dabbled in before but TC is a company with a long history in high quality rack effects so if anyone, they deserve a shot.
Obviously these are going to be compared to the Eventide factor series which is a bit more costly. But the same idea.


You can't really make it simpler. As far as small pedal reverbs go this is the most functional and intuitive control wise. I think if you're trying to get a hifi sound from your reverbs and you don't have the know how to control 100 different parameters properly on a rack unit or one of the eventide boxes.


That's not to say the hall of fame can only do hifi reverb sounds. It really tries to cover all the bases and succeeds at most of them. The lofi reverb is good for that surf rock sound if that's what you want. I can't really find a use for the gate reverb and the mod and church reverb feel a bit excessive and not really needed. But hey, no one is complaining. I mostly use the more traditional ones like the room and hall reverbs. The spring is nice for a more vintage sound.

The thing is though, this isn't the best sounding reverb ever. The Eventide Space I personally think is a little bit better. It's also a lot more money, so keep that in mind. I think the Hall of Fame is priced really well. It's extremely versatile. Most of the reverbs range from good to decent. None are really bad. It doesn't have that 3D sound that the pricey units do.


I eventually sold mine to buy an Eventide Space pedal. As pedals go, I think it's the best reverb. Bottom line, if you want rack reverb, get a rack unit. If you want something in between, get either of those units depending what your price range is. For everyone else...well there's the Holy Grail from EH? Seriously. My final word is that this is a nice reverb for the price.