Tom Anderson H2+

H2+, ピックアップ from Tom Anderson.

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tjon901 07/15/2011

Tom Anderson H2+ : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great overall pickup"

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Tom Anderson is a boutique guitar maker from California. He is up there with Suhr with his custom strat style guitars. When you make your own guitars you dont just want to slap someone elses pickup in them so he gets pickups made to his own specs that perfectly compliment his guitars. These are heavy pickups and you can tell from the oversize magnets in them. With the oversized magnets they work both in standard and tremolo spaced guitars not that it would make a difference if it didnt. F spacing is just a way to get you to pay more for a set of pickups. This pickup has your pretty standard four conductor wiring and a ceramic magnet. Only vintage style pickups nowadays dont have four conductor wiring. With the four conductor wiring you can split this pickup and and sounds very good split. Many pickups that come with four conductor wiring can be split but dont really sound very good split. With this pickup you can split it and get a great single coil sound. Because of the natural brightness of these pickups the single coil sounds are spot on. This pickup is great for an old school 80s metal sound. These pickups are bright and clear and sound very 80s. Even the clean tones sound very 80s with their kinda bright tone. The eq on this pickup is pretty even and no frequency is bashing you over the face. With this kind of eq it brings out the natural tones of your guitar instead of placing its own tone on top of the guitars. If your guitar has a brighter sound the pickup will work with that. If your guitar is darker it will brighten the sound up a bit but overall it will still have a dark sound. This is the kind of pickup that compliments the guitar very well and adds its own flavor to the sound instead of making the sound all its own.