Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge
Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge

Doug Aldrich Bridge, ピックアップ from Suhr.

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Rockmonster 12/17/2008

Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge : Rockmonster のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Been using this pickup for a few months... but it was love at first listen. I threw this in the bridge position along with an Eric Johnson Custom in the neck of my Gibson Les Paul Classic. This combination absolutely kills. Heard Aldrich' tone in that Dio DVD..the one in New York after 9-11...and thought..."this guys sound is heavy...but SO is that possible?" He shred using a Les Paul..but there was zero shrillness..I was intrigued....I have done a lot of things to get a high gain sound , but to control the highs on my guitars...aluminum tailpieces, Greenback type speakers, etc...but this guy had a different dynamic going...

First..I would like to say that this is an incredibly high output humbucker. The other guitarist in my band uses and ESP with the EMG 81/85 combination. Nice guitar. The output of this pickup matches if not exceeds the output of the 81.... which is pretty shocking to me. This pickup, however, has a sweetness and fluidity I have never heard from another high gain humbucker. Balanced and smooth for sure... but you can typically find that from a Duncan JB..this takes it a step wayyyy further in the fact that it is still cutting without any harshness... surgical but not shrill. It is a very precise pickup without over-emphasizing the trebles. It is a "round" high output pickup. Weird. I have tried lots of different pickups over the years.. and constantly try to improve my tone. This pickup has shined with every amp I have used...I would add that since it is high output...and even though I coil tapped the still is basically good for high gain applications, and little else. Some may argue that it is not great for "Metal" like thrash, death metal,etc..probably correct. Better for fusion, prog metal... technical, shredder stuff. It is too sweet to do Slayer,etc...I could definitely do it..but there are better choices out there. A bit too tubby for cleans....but then again...I use it with an EJ Custom...which is super sweet.. and the volume difference is vast. I never use this for cleans.

Currently using this with several pieces... Voodoo Lab Preamp and effects, Marshall Point to Point hot rodded Plexi Clone, Digitech GSP2101, etc... and lotsa pedals. Cannabis Rex and GB12 speakers in my cabs from Eminence. Sounds GREAT with everything. Sounds great on my other guitarists' modern Marshall 1/2 stack. For the price.. this pickup is hard to beat. A slight bit over typical production models you are definitely getting champagne taste on a beer budget. This is a totally pro piece of gear. I will always have one of these in a humbucker equipped guitar from now on....well, until I get reeeeeeallly old.... :P