Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge
Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge

Doug Aldrich Bridge, ピックアップ from Suhr.

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nicocostantini 03/17/2011

Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge : nicocostantini のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Suhr Power!"

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The Aldrich humbuckers from Suhr is a magnificent set of pickups from one of the premier players in the boutique world of guitar and amplifiers.

Done in collaboration with Whitesnake's lead guitarist Doug Aldrich these pickups are meant to rock. High output Alnico V magnets offer more than 15K of DC resistance. Combining the output of an active humbucker and the virtues, soul and tonal characteristics of passive pups, these babies are the best of both worlds.

I have them fitted in a Gibson Les Paul Custom black beauty both in the bridge and in the neck. I bought the set used and have never looked back. The coil splitting capabilities are superb, they split better than any other pickup I have ever tried or played, just amazing.

They might be a little bit too high output to play most jazz, blues, they are meant to rock, and rock hard at that. You can't get pristine cleans out of these pickups since they tend to push the preamp a little bit to hard on tube amps. They shine at distorted guitar tones, remaining exceptionally tight on the low end and having a high mid emphasis "kerrang" type sound.

Pair them with a Marshall type amp and you are easily coping Doug's legendary guitar tones, no problem. The definition is spectacular and the note separation is there, they never get muddy and you can throw in as much gains as you like, you are still going to know what you are playing. They can even handle downtuned riffs with no problems at all.

Between EMG's and these I probably buy them again for the added versatility that they offer. Don't get me wrong, active pickups are great for heavy metal, but not much more. This pickups offer that and so much more. Highly recommended, especially for LP type guitars!