L.R. Baggs M1

M1, ピックアップ from L.R. Baggs.

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moosers 02/02/2011

L.R. Baggs M1 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The L.R. Baggs M1 is a simple acoustic guitar pick up, best suited for use during live shows. If your acoustic guitar doesn’t have a built in pick up, it’s usually going to be a good idea to get an external one like this one if you think you’re going to ever want to amplify the instrument. There isn’t too much about the L.R. Baggs M1 that sets it apart, other than it having a clean sound that helps to translate the original intended sound of your acoustic guitar to an amplifier or PA system. I don’t know much at all about the electronics behind the M1, but recently used a friends and was really impressed. I plugged in her Martin DX-K2 with this pick up right into my Fender Twin Reverb amplifier and definitely dug the sound a great deal. Usually external acoustic pick ups like this one are pretty bland sounding, but I found the M1 to do an overall great job covering the full spectrum of the acoustics’ sound. I have a cheaper pick up for my own Martin guitar and this one really blows it out of the water. I also like that it’s nice a compact and fits easily into the sound hole on your guitar. It’s not at all hard to place it and get it to stay there, as I’ve encountered issues like this with other pick ups of this kind. I didn’t know anything about L.R. Baggs until trying the M1 and will definitely be checking out their other pick ups in the near future as I may look to upgrade my current pick up to something like the M1. I really don’t think you could go wrong with the M1 as a pick up of choice as it’s all around really that solid. The only thing is that it’s not the cheapest pick up on the market, but as always you’re going to have to pay for quality and if you’re playing shows a lot it’s definitely going to be worth it to have a better sounding pick up in the long run.