Gibson Classic 57 Plus - Nickel Cover
Gibson Classic 57 Plus - Nickel Cover

Classic 57 Plus - Nickel Cover, ピックアップ from Gibson belonging to the Classic 57 Plus model.

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keith_t4e 11/29/2012

Gibson Classic 57 Plus - Nickel Cover : keith_t4e のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"best pickup ever"

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The Gibson Classic 57+ has just the right abount of output to push your wood and allow articulation. My favorite combonation is 57+ bridge and 57 neck. I have this set up in a LP Standard 2001---best guitar made in years but that is another review. The 57 will easily push my JCM800, Soldano Avenger, CAE OD100 or Bogner Shiva anniversary into overdrive. At the same time fully strummed chords maintain note articulation. The pickup is well rounded not too dark or too bright. The pluss in the bridge gives the player a tad more power. These pickups allow the guitar to sound unique to the guitars make and model. You can't go wrong with the classic 57. I also have the regular 57 set in a Gibson 335 and SG 61 reissue. The pups work well in both gutiars. I would indeed make the same choice in fact I may put them in the bridge positon of a strat one day.