GFS Dream 180
GFS Dream 180

Dream 180, ピックアップ from GFS.

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Fireguy8402 11/20/2011

GFS Dream 180 : Fireguy8402 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Average sounding, Low output."

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The Dream 180 is a vintage voiced humbucker from GFS. They are available in different colors (black, gold, chrome) but mine is the gold version and I put it in a PRS styled guitar with a wrap around bridge and mahogany body. It is a very sweet looking pickup that seems to be built well but that’s about where I stopped loving this pickup. They based this off of the Dream 90 that was so popular for the company. The Dream 90 was a P90 pickup that was raved on the internet for it’s old school tone. Basically GFS tried to make a humbucker version that could match the vintage tone and feel of the Dream 90 and add some of the high end of their Retrotron Nashville line and the bottom end of their PAF pickups. They just came up with a humbucker that doesn’t do anything exceptionally well in my opinion. I like my pickups a little on the hot PAF side, like their Fat Pats, so I was a little let down in the performance of this pickup. GFS says that they wound them “Hot to accommodate modern playing styles” but I felt this pickup was underpowered and mostly just honked in the upper mid EQ and sounded muffled in the high end. I understand that this isn’t supposed to have that kind of output, but I was hoping that the clarity and body of the guitar would still be there. The pickup is fairly quiet electronically and goes into place without a hitch using the included wiring guide from GFS. The pickups just don’t capture that Filtertron tone because they are muffled on the top, and they don’t do PAF stuff well because they are just too thin sounding. String attack and dynamics are represented fairly well though. For 33 USD they aren’t a bad deal, but I wouldn’t bother with getting another one. My advise would to stick with putting it in the neck position. This might let you get a singlecoil-ish tone that you could be able to match in volume with a slightly hotter bridge pickup and get some decent tones. Overall I’d say go for the Fat Pat for a more versatile budget pickup that has several sweet spots and is the same price.