Florance Guitars Voodoo'59
Florance Guitars Voodoo'59

Voodoo'59, ピックアップ from Florance Guitars.

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LordRiffenstein 04/04/2011

Florance Guitars Voodoo'59 : LordRiffenstein のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"One of my fav PAFs"

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The Florance Voodoo 59s were the 1st boutique PAF pickups I have ever tried and I really like them. My 1st encounter with them was in a custom build fat tele. The guitar had a Korina body with flame maple top, maple neck with Brazilian rosewood board. It had a set of zebra 59s and although the guitar sounded good acoustically, the Voodoo 59s took it to another level. I was going to coiltap the pickups but did not need that because they worked so well with the controls.

A couple of years later, I got another set in a Tokai ES-120, an ES-335-style guitar. I bought it 2nd hand and the previous owner had the Voodoo 59s installed, these came with distressed covers. And again the Voodoo 59s deliver the tone. The Tokai can do anything from smooth jazz to heavy rock and the Voodoo 59s sound really sweet. When you dig in, they'll get a very nice bite but don't ever sound harsh. The neck pickup has this syrupy quality that is proof of a great pickup and guitar. Again, working the tone and volume controls will get you an amazing range of tones. This in particular is where the Voodoo 59s shine. On the in-between setting, you can ride the volume tones to get all shapes of sound. When I play the Tokai ES, I always have a pedal or booster on. In the in-between position, I can get anything from clean to crunch and then when it’s time to solo, I switch to either one of the pickups and turn the volume up and BAM great lead tones.

Can a pickup ever be perfect? Doesn't it depend on the guitar? Yes and no, I have owned these twice and absolutely love them in both guitars. If the guitar is good, the Voodoo 59s will make it even better!