EMG 60 - Black
EMG 60 - Black

60 - Black, ピックアップ from EMG belonging to the 60 model.

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nickname009 04/13/2011

EMG 60 - Black : nickname009 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The EMG 60 is probably the only pickup you should ever get if you decide to go active! It's clean, and it's dirty in the best ways! famous as a neck pickup only and never as the bridge pickup. I've never actually tried it in the bridge pickup.

The cleans are glassy and shimmery yet not thin. It's VERY clean. Very very clean! Just listen to all the newer metallica or metallica S&M or EVERYBODY else that uses EMGs! 60s have been the trademark neck pickup for EMG.

The EMG60 on the neck pickup is also, of course amazing. Clear, fluidy, not too muddy, not thin, and great for solos. I don't generally use the neck pickup on high gain for anything else as it's generally too thick for rhythms and chords etc.

EMG pickups are one of a kind, and cannot be imitated. There has been many other companies making active pickups trying to match the EMGs but I've always been happy with them when I was into active pickups for years and years and years.

Though this pickup sounds great. It again does have its faults. It being active, as I mentioned in my previous EMG reviews, cannot seem to be as dynamic as a passive pickups would be and do not clean up well with the volume rolled down. Thus the rating. And this is of course, aside from the fact that most non-active players don't like the whole changing battery thing. Though it's a very minor thing it's less often than changing strings! So this review is already assuming that one KNOWS it's an active pickup and does NOT base a review on the battery requirement.

Overall, one of the better active neck pickups out there! Quiet, clean, tight, clear and smooth! Perfectly balanced and flexible!