DiMarzio DP217 HS-4
DiMarzio DP217 HS-4

DP217 HS-4, ピックアップ from DiMarzio belonging to the DP217 HS-4 model.

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tjon901 08/13/2011

DiMarzio DP217 HS-4 : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Super vintage strat tones in a noiseless package"

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Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker that many modern guitar players use. I always found it odd that Yngwie Malmsteen used Dimarzio pickups for such a long time. He has now switched to Seymour Duncan which makes more sense but the Yngwie tone most people know was done with these. Later I found out that Yngwie does not care much about the sound of his pickups as long as they sound like Fender single coils and do not have much noise. And that is pretty much what you get with these pickups. They are pretty much old Fender pickups that are noiseless. These pickups are stacked humbuckers. Which mean they are just like two single coils on top of each other to cancel out the noise. This pickups have 4 conductor wiring and an alnico magnet in them with staggered pole pieces for a more vintage look and tone. It has 4 conductor wiring because technically it is a humbucker but the split tones on this pickup are useless because the pickup is so weak even as a humbucker. These pickups being so vintage voice have super low output. These pickups could not punch themselves out of a wet paper bag. When played with a high gain amp you get a real subtle jangly sound. You cant hide with these pickups they will not cover up your mistakes with distortion. You need to be on it when you are playing with these pickups. The eq on this pickup is super flat with the smallest of tilts towards the high end. This pickup is not for everyone. If you are use to super high output pickups you will completely fall on your face when playing this one. This has a super vintage feel to it apart from being noiseless. If you are a strat player who can really play and need a noiseless pickup that that will not add anything new to your sound this is the pickup to you.