DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser Bridge
DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser Bridge

DP187 The Cruiser Bridge, ピックアップ from DiMarzio in the Hum-canceling Strat series.

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Hatsubai 03/25/2011

DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser Bridge : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Single coil sound in a mini humbucker"

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The Cruiser Bridge was a pickup invented by DiMarzio to meet the needs of more modern strat players. It’s a take on today’s technology with yesterday’s tone. They wanted to create a hum canceling blade humbucker that sounded similar to a real single coil-ish P90-ish pickup. Like all DiMarzio pickups, this includes four conductor wiring. This also has a ceramic magnet inside of it instead of an Alnico.

The Cruiser Bridge is a pickup that’s made for people looking for that single coil or P90 kinda sound but without the hum. It’s hotter than a normal single coil, and the wound strings are a bit fatter, but it still retains that signature quality that so many people love from single coils. Andy Timmons is probably the most famous user of this pickup. If you’ve heard his solo stuff, you’ve almost undoubtedly heard this pickup in action.

The Cruiser Bridge has a fairly bright EQ curve since it’s geared towards a single coil sound, so it’s better in woods like mahogany, basswood or a neutral sounding alder. This helps the pickup work with the woods rather than accentuating unwanted frequencies, particularly in the high end. The split tones sound very nice, and when it’s in parallel, it almost has a telecaster kinda sound going on. The cool thing about this pickup is that the treble strings still retain their bite just like a normal single coil. The added output also aids in sustain. It has enough output where it sounds fat but doesn’t sound overly compressed like a lot of higher output pickups. The output is very much a medium output.

If you’re looking for a hum canceling pickup that sounds similar to those classic single coil or P90 tones, this is the pickup for you. If it’s too bright, try adding a 250k pot to your guitar. If it sounds like it’s not getting enough output, see if the 500k pot works best for you.