Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks

Various Assorted Picks, ギターピック from Hufschmid Guitars.

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Freddyvanhalen 11/13/2012

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks : Freddyvanhalen のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"These are more than just picks..."

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Picks are things that I think a lot of guitar players take for granted.
I know a lot of players who have a box of about 50 or so picks that they have accumulated over the years and think nothing of playing with the one nearest to hand. I used to do this as well, until I started to notice how drastically tone and technique can be affected by the pick you use.
I began shying away from the run of the mill picks and started looking for something more suitable to my needs. I started trying thicker picks, 2-3mm at first and noticed an immense change in my playing, everything was more articulate and picking became easier. I also found I got a very pleasing ‘snap’ to my pick attack. The problem was, even though this was a step in the right direction, I was still chewing through picks at 3-4 hour intervals. As you can imagine, it becomes tiresome playing £2-3 ($4-5) a time for a pick that will last no more than 1 gig, or a heavy practice session. Even paying a premium for 3-4mm thick picks from other ‘high quality’ builders was found to be money down the drain after 1-2 gigs.
This is where Hufschmid picks come in to the equation. I first discovered Hufschmid Guitars after Rob Chapman received a fantastic looking Albinodroid guitar. I was an instant fan and started looking into Mr Hufschmids products and noticed that some of my favourite players, Fred Brum, Paul Wardingham etc, were using custom handmade picks by Hufschmid guitars. The shapes and thickness instantly appealed to me. They are unlike anything else on the market and offer amazing and unique properties.
My Pick
I own a one of a kind, 6mm thick, Hufglow standard pointed pick. I’d first like to mention how informative, accommodating and quick to respond that Patrick Hufschmid is. I made a simple enquiry about his already fantastic looking 3mm Hufglow picks and the new pointed shape he was offering. I wanted a 5-6mm version and Mr Hufschmid was more than happy to build one for me. In the same email he gave me a price and a time of delivery. After it was finished it arrived at my door in 3 days. True testament to how committed he is to customer satisfaction and quality.
Material – Thickness – Playability – Price
My pick is made of something called Hufglow. It’s a combination of Aerospace grade Cross Linked Cell Cast Acrylic, and Strontium Aluminate, a highly photo luminescent material. The material is super strong and extremely wear resistant. It feels like it will last forever. I’ve used it now for 15+ gigs and hours of practice time and the only mark on it is a small dark blemish caused by an old string. The mark can also simply be rubbed off. This pick is like playing a brand new pick every time.
Many guitarists will look at the picks and be put off by the thickness, but the truth is that once you’ve tried it, you will be amazed at how effortless playing becomes. Mine is 6mm thick, which allows a super relaxed grip while still retaining pick attack. And because the material is so strong, it simply glides over the strings. The edges of the pick are beautifully bevelled, making it supremely comfortable. There are certainly sharp edges here. Apart from the tip, which is sharpened to a fine point to allow for perfect articulation and attack.
The price is another aspect which may put some players off. £10+ for a pick? Well think about it this way. If you’re already paying £2-3 per pick that lasts 1 gig, it isn’t long before you’ve double the amount for a pick that would last maybe for the next 5 years! Also the price is extremely reasonable, being that you’re getting a completely hand-made pick, built from scratch with futuristic materials, each one taking an hour or so to complete. You don’t find that sort of value anywhere else on the market.
I cannot recommend one of Mr Hufschimds picks enough, to anyone who either wants to try something new, is dissatisfied with what’s already on the market or is seeking a unique playing experience. From start to finish, Patrick Hufschmid provides unparalleled quality and service. Everyone can have an opinion, but this is fact. Hufschmid picks are simply the best picks on the market and any guitar player should, at least once in their career, try one. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent. There is only one downside. You’ll like yours so much that you’ll have to buy more. A disease you could call the Hufbug.