Keeley Electronics Phaser

Phaser, フェイザー from Keeley Electronics.

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Hatsubai 11/29/2011

Keeley Electronics Phaser : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Crazy versatile phaser"

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If you're looking for that classic Phase 90 style phaser, you should look elsewhere. This is for people who love that phase effect and want something a bit more extreme. Slightly different. This is a 6 stage phaser will all kinds of crazy controls to help dial in everything from subtle to wacky. It's great for everything from the subtle phase on leads to the crazy phase on those old school 70s tunes. The pedal features edge, ramp, slow and fast knobs, tap footswitch setting and a mini switch to select between fast or ramp.


For all the stuff shoved in here, it's not bad, space wise. I was able to fit this on my board without any issues. The pedal itself kind of reminds me of another phaser out there, but I'll let that go for now. I'm not sure exactly who copied who. The pedal is housed in a very durable housing. It'll be able to withstand all kinds of abuse, including those idiots who climb on stage and spill beer all over your pedalboard. On top of that, it's true bypass, so you don't have to worry about your tone sounding awful when the pedal is switched off. The manuals that Keeley makes are pretty good at explaining things, but I find that messing with the knobs is always the best way to learn.


The phaser is awesome. Seriously. While it doesn't exactly get that classic Phase 90 sound, it can get a super subtle sound, a crazy warbly sound and everything in between. The tap feature is great when you need to sync it to your song, and the different settings you can choose from thanks to the knobs allow you to dial in the exact kind of phaser you're looking for. This takes a bit of time to sit down with and fully understand how all the knobs work; after all, we're used to just seeing phasers with a single knob. However, once you get used to it, it's super simple to use.


If you're looking for one of the best phasers on the market, this is probably your best bet. It's very versatile, and you can get all kinds of different sounds with it. If you just want that Phase 90 sound, get a Phase 90 custom shop model. Those sound the best if you're looking for that sound, and they're readily available. I also recommend buying used as you'll save some cash.