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mooseherman 03/08/2010

Ross R-50 Distortion : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is a relatively obscure distortion pedal. It's marketed as a distortion, but it actually sort of blurs the line between overdrive and distortion. It's very simple, there is really only two knobs and the bypass switch. There are no capabilities to edit or control the pedal with computers or MIDI, as this is a true analog pedal. It has a simple 1/4" in and out, and can be powered via a supply.


The two knob system at work on this pedal is a breeze to use, but the lack of functionality means that you must clearly accept the pedal for what it is. It's really necessary to be absolutely certain that it is the sound you want, and that it's consistently good with your amp. For me, it was easy to get a good sound because I liked the pedal, but I know other people would be frustrated with the lack of options.


I use this pedal with my Fender Stratocaster and a Fender twin. It's a pretty great pedal, it definitely has a unique sound that could either be a distortion or an overdrive. I think that because of this, this pedal is great for blues rockers who want to push the envelope a little, garage rock that needs a little more grit out of the guitar, and other genres as well, mostly of the rock variety.


I won't say that it's the best distortion out there, but it's cool enough to be a worthy addition to your arsenal. It's definitely not the benchmark of distortion, so it's probably not ideal as a first distortion pedal. I do like it a lot, though, and would recommend it to people who might have a few other distortion boxes. It's not that expensive at list price, but the thing has been discontinued so it's pretty rare.