Nady TD-1 Tube Distortion
Nady TD-1 Tube Distortion
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soccerplayer25 03/27/2008

Nady TD-1 Tube Distortion : soccerplayer25 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Nady TD-1 is a true tube analog overdrive pedal, with adjustable equalization, gain, level, etc. There are 1/4'' inputs and outputs and it is not a rackable effect.


No trouble at all setting this up - simply plug your guitar into the input and send your output to an amp. There is plenty of control for tone and it is pretty easy to get that tube overdrive sound that I am looking for. I haven't had a need for the manual as I just tweak the sound by ear.


I love the overdrive that this produces - to me it is pretty similar to the overdrive on newer Fender amps, and since my amp is older and has no built in distortion, this is really great to have so I can achieve that specific tube overdrive sound. I use this with guitar only but it can of course be used with anything you can plug into it. There is a switch for low, medium, and high gain and the three different channels can make for some nice overdrive variety.


I've had this pedal for about a year and it does exactly what I need it to do. I use it mostly for rhythm guitar and is great for power/barr chords. It has a great crunch because of the built in tube. I also have a BK Butler overdrive pedal and while I prefer the BK Butler, this is a bit cheaper and can achieve a pretty similar sound. The number of control knobs are really a selling point for me as well, it allows you to have total control over your tone. While it is a bit expensive, I would still make the same choice today and love having it in my set up.