HardWire Pedals SC-2 Valve Distortion
HardWire Pedals SC-2 Valve Distortion

SC-2 Valve Distortion, ディストーション/オーバードライブ/ファズ from HardWire Pedals.

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ejecta 03/24/2011

HardWire Pedals SC-2 Valve Distortion : ejecta のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Very nice distortion pedal"

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This pedal has some very nice features like true bypass and two gain stages. I liked the rubber protector that comes with it that fits over you knobs so you don't accidentally kick them and change them. I also like the access design to get to the battery. The pedal is nice and heavy and seems to be assembled well.


The set up and manual were very straight forward. The EQ controls gave a good range of sound and will do the scooped metal thing if you want. I found the treble to be nice up until a point but kinda got a bit to much for me on some settings. When bypassed it didn't color the sound of the guitar at all which is a big thing for me.


I was using my Dean Soltero into a VHT Deliverance. Setting the Deliverance fairly clean this pedal sounded nice. Honesty the SC2 is probably the best sounding “mass produced” Distortion I’ve played. I think it easily sounds better than a Boss DS1 and holds its own with some of “ boutique ” distortion pedals I’ve had. It can do crunch to higher gain easily in the “saturated” mode. I was really surprised by the “crunch” mode where I found very nice lower gain rhythm tones. It cleans up well with the guitar volume as well which can be hard to find in pedals especially distortion pedals.


Wasn't harsh sounding but found it could get a bit too much in the treble. I've tried quite a few boutique and mass produced distortion pedals and there are some very nice ones out there and ones I definitely liked more than this one but for a mass produced pedal it sounds pretty good. If you needed a good distortion pedal into a clean amp and didn’t want to spend a lot of money this is one to consider especially for $99.