Way Huge Electronics WHE701 Aqua Puss Analog Delay
Way Huge Electronics WHE701 Aqua Puss Analog Delay

WHE701 Aqua Puss Analog Delay, ディレイ/エコー/フレーズサンプラー from Way Huge Electronics.

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mooseherman 04/23/2010

Way Huge Electronics WHE701 Aqua Puss Analog Delay : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is an old-school analog delay pedal. It's been reissued not too long ago, the old ones were in very high demand and the prices that they went (and still go for) are outrageous. It's surprising that these things ever stopped being made, considering that people have been talking about it for years. Anyway, it has the 1/4" input and output, as well as an adapter for a 9V power supply. There is no room for MIDI capabilities, or computer editing, as this is an old school analog pedal. It is not rackable as it's a foot pedal.


The editing on this pedal is pretty easy overall. There are simply three knobs in use here. One controls the amount of delay added to the signal, one controls the amount of feedback the effect gives you, and the third knob is a blend knob (blend being the mix of dry signal and wet signal). Getting a good sound is easy, the only sounds that the machine is generally capable of sound great. There's a decent amount of versatility within these pedals as well, I think that they can create a wide range of sounds. The manual would probably only be necessary if you are looking to adjust the pedal somehow.


I can't say much about this pedal other than the fact that it is a great one. I really like the sound of the pedal itself. It does actually color the sound slightly, but I kind of like that quality in analog delays when the pedal is good. This one certainly is. Whether using it just to beef up the sound of your guitar, or actually going for long, echoing passages and spacey effects, this thing has it all. One of the great reasons its so good is that it doesn't get too muddy like some lesser delay pedals will. Those are usually extremely frustrating. This is an extremely versatile delay, and is probably one of the best I've heard for getting really wacky guitar sounds going with an amp. All in all, it's a lot of fun.


I think that even though this thing is a bit expensive, it's totally worth it. The reissue, from what I hear, is not quite as cool as the original, but they never really are anyway. It's still a great pedal, and is totally worth the price. The uses for this pedal are numerous. I think that I would recommend this to anybody who likes a good analog delay.