Guyatone MD-3 Micro Digital Delay
Guyatone MD-3 Micro Digital Delay

MD-3 Micro Digital Delay, ディレイ/エコー/フレーズサンプラー from Guyatone in the Micro Effect series.

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Rockmonster 03/24/2008

Guyatone MD-3 Micro Digital Delay : Rockmonster のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Analog voiced digital delay... more knob twisting, easy... yay!! Rackmount quality in a very, very small foot pedal package. 1/4" connections... no Midi here!


Very easy to use... as an effect. The typical user will absolutely, no questions asked, want to get an adapter with this pedal. This has a very high power draw. Eats batteries like tic tacs...AND aside from that, the battery compartment to this undersized, and lightweight pedal is a horrible design. It is sophomoric at best. The access to the battery compartment is covered by a tin plate, held together by a big black rubber band. Clumsy, difficult to attach, and worst of all... the battery feels like it needs to be forced into the space. NOT what you want to do to sensitive chips and circuit board... And not what you expect in a pedal that sells for 115.00 dollars.. but, I suppose the perspective on this would be that the price is for the quality of the effect. Get the adapter... And no worries! Other than that.. it is a straight ahead, 3 knob effect pedal that can be used without a manual... not sure mine came with one!


Rack mount quality in a foot pedal. Nice bypass... not True Bypass, exactly.. but buffered. I notice no tone loss with this pedal.
Using a Voodoo Lab Preamp, Carvin T100 poweramp,Cannabis Rex speakers in closed back cabs. Les Pauls,Strats,Tele's, etc. I don't use this much in my current rig, as I have a Digitech GSP2101 that I use for effects..but I have used it extensively with combo rigs, and it foots the bill.
I love the quality... better than my rack mount unit..( a little)...I don't use it because I need the other effects..and because I don't want 50 pedals on the floor in front of me....for very little difference in tone. ( I already have 2 footcontrollers and 3 other pedals in front of my rig... and all my effects essentially come from 1 unit. And hate lugging around more junk than I need!)
A solid "9" for sound quality. The bypass and organic tone beat all the other offerings in the price range ( Boss,Digitech)


Had this pedal for about 3 years. Love the tone, HATE the battery access. Easily solved by the adapter.. but still an annoying feature. Tried several other delays.. this is the best in it's price range. ( unless you need a bunch of other features,tap tempo,reverse,etc... we're talking strictly sound quality of repeats here.)
I think it could be a bit cheaper due to the VERY cheap chassis design.. but I suppose the argument would be, again for the quality of the sound..which is hard to beat... so, I just shut up and paid it.
If I were to buy another dedicated delay pedal, I might pony up and buy the new Nova delay or the Eventide Time factor... both of which are wayyyyy more money. More than double for either, although probably with more features than I would ever bother using. If you are looking for JUST delay.. this is the way to go.