Boss DD-5 Digital Delay
Boss DD-5 Digital Delay
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James... 12/28/2011

Boss DD-5 Digital Delay : James... のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"One of the best digital delays"

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Has about every delay time you could imagine. Also has reverse delays and a sort of looping ability that I personally never use. Tap tempo. Hold effect. Reverse mode. Stereo outputs. It's actually pretty fully featured when you look at it. Of course you can attach a tempo switch.


I use mine with the tempo attachment pedal. Works simply enough. I used to have a giga delay and got tired of the menus and such. I decided if I was going to use a pedal for delay I wanted to be able to turn the knobs at least. A disclaimer: I normally use analog delays and rack delays only. This is pretty much the only digital delay I own besides an Eventide Timefactor. This is a really easy to use pedal if you know anything at all about delay times. I rarely use the oddball reverse/hold features so I can't really comment on how usable they are. I most often set it to 1/8 dot or 1/4 delay and use the tap tempo. Simple enough. No complaints about the switch failing. Mine has survived a few years of tours and stomping and all that. Pretty reliable pedal unlike some other delays I could mention.


I use the dd5 with my small travel/small gig rig which includes Dr. Z Maz 18 and a small pedal board. The thing about the DD5 is that it doesn't sound analog and it doesn't sound like a rack delay. It sounds like a digital delay. But it also sounds very very good. Why is that? I really don't know. This was one of my first delays. And after years of trying the best delays money can buy I still like it a lot. It's reliable, easy to dial in, functional, and it simply just sounds right. I don't know what else to say. Maybe my ears have just gotten that used to it. If you want tape delay or organic vintage analog sounds look away. Not to take anything away from the DD5 though.


I think for a budget delay this might be one of the best of all time. If you find one for a good priced used it's worth a pick up just because. They are super reliable and I know people who have had them for years and beat the sin out of them with no issues.