Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
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wwhhhaatt 04/15/2011

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay : wwhhhaatt のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Solid workhorse of a delay"

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The BOSS DD-20 is a digital delay featuring a straight forward looper along with 10 different delay types from standard delay to other unique sounds like tape emulation and reverse.

It can store 4 user presets and has an extra spot for a manual set-up for on the fly tweaking.

Tap tempo with the option to use an external button, millisecond or BPM readout, 1/4" stereo ins and outs, headphone jack, and the ability to use it at line level for rack applications or standard guitar level makes it easy to integrate into many setups


What I like best about this delay is how simple it is to get a good sound that works within a song. There are no sub menus or complicated settings to program and the BPM readout makes it a breeze if you use a click track in your band. It is laid out like a typical single delay stompbox but with the added flexibility of multiple delay types accessible with a quick turn of a knob. The manual easily explains how to get the unit up and running and once you've determined your level setting (+4 or -10 db) it remembers them so you can plug and play the next time. If you use a stereo set-up you can also change how the delay signal is sent to the two outputs allowing you to create some nice wide sounds.


I use this pedal in the loop of A Framus cobra and it works great. I don't hear any significant degradation in sound although there is a slight volume drop when compared to having the amp's loop level at 0. I believe this is the amp's fault because it uses a parallel loop at an odd return level.

I mainly use the standard, tape, and modulate modes along with the looper. The standard mode is just a regular digital repeat very clean basically what you put in is what you put out. The analog and modulate modes have more character. Analog has a nice high end roll off to emulate old delays and the modulate allows you to add movement to the delay time creating a chorus effect. Sure there are better actual analog delays but 90% of your crowd probably can't tell the difference. The looper is very simple. Some people may want more options but if all you're looking for is a simple way to layer loops this one is very easy to time and does not drift.

I found the other more special effects to be rather useless. The twist mode is supposed to emulate the spaceship sounds you'd get from playing with the time knob on an old analog delay but it lacks the character and sounds cheesy. Warp same deal minus the pitch modulation. The smooth just sounds like the analog with more high end rolled off and I've never been able to use a reverse mode to much success.


Overall this is a great bang for the buck type pedal that's not too much more than the single stomp boss delays (dd7 etc..) . There are other delays with more features but if you just need a few simple sounds in a good sized box it's hard to beat. I personally run mine along with an Eventide Timefactor to get the more wild sounds and also because I really like having all my presets ready to go. I've got enough pedals to fiddle with and I don't want to be entering delay times before every song. If it ever broke which is doubtful I would definitely buy one again.