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mooseherman 03/09/2010

Ross Compressor : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is one of my favorite compression pedals out there. It's a relatively simple pedal, but it will cover a broad spectrum of good-sounding compression. There aren't any modern additions to this thing, it's pretty old and usually hard to find. No MIDI, no audio ins/outs, and no computer editing. This is a pedal, and as such is not rackable.


The editing of these effects couldn't be simpler. There are only two knobs on it. I've lately gotten more into pedals like this, I tend to think the lack of too many precise controls is liberating. That being said, you better know exactly how it's going to sound with your setup, because it's not exactly the most versatile thing in the world. It's simply a question of really knowing whether or not this is going to work.


It's got a great sounding compression that really brings one back the old days. There's a point where I realized the reason I wasn't very good at getting jazz tones, live and in the studio, was because I didn't have the right setup. A barely-there helping of compression can help correct this issue for many people. It should never squash the dynamics forcefully, but if it minimizes the distracting elements of a flubbed not or a volume discrepancy. I think this is a great choice, mainly for jazz and blues, and perhaps some country although I haven't used it in that context.


I definitely like the real tame quality of this compressor. I don't always need my compressor to squash everything I own. This is actually better for just getting a little more sustain and evening things out a little bit. It's really expensive, and it's mostly good for jazz blues and light rock, so I'm thinking, demographically speaking, most interested buyers are either gonna be older amateurs (with other jobs), or pros. Either way, probably a good investment. I think rocker kids should avoid it, for there is not much for those kinds of players here.